How many types of paella you can have?

That depends from how many people we have to cater for, here below is the guide:

20 to 40 people: 1 type/flavour (E.g. one chicken chorizo paella)
50 to 60 people: 2 type/flavour (E.g. one chicken chorizo paella & one seafood paella)
70 to 100 people: 3 type/flavour (E.g. one chicken chorizo paella & one seafood paella & one vegan)

For catering outside Perth metro area for logistical reasons we might be able to offer only two types of paella

How long does the service last?

The Spanish Casa Paella Catering Perth service last maximum 3 hours (service time includes setup & pack up). Extra hours are charged $150 per hour.

Weddings need to provide timeline.

We need to access the area about 1.5 to 2 hours before serving time.
We will be serving the paella for maximum 1 hour once it is ready; after that if there are any left overs, we will make some take away containers for you to keep.

The paella must be served once ready, if we have to warm the paella up too many times the rice looses its consistency and we might affect the quality of the food.

After serving time finishes, we start packing.

We recommended to plan speeches away from the serving time (as it might delay the serving) and packing time (as we might make a bit of noise while packing).

How is the paella served?

The Spanish Casa Paella Catering Perth just use biodegradable serving containers and wooden forks. The customer must provide extra bowls, forks, napkins and rubbish bins to dispose of the used packaging. 

We do not provide rubbish bins nor take any rubbish back with us.

We just provide crockery for the amount of people we are catering for.

Allow extra portions for staff members present in the locations ( dj, photographers, bartenders, band)

How tapas are served?


We can serve and cook tapas on the spot with the help of extra staff member.

The cost for the night is $120, including general customer service for the event.

What do we need in terms of space and location?

The Spanish Paella Catering Perth  need a place sheltered from the wind and rain to cook, some ambient lighting or a plug nearby to setup a light or two and access hot water (E.g. A tap in the kitchen). The lighting must be provided by the customer or the venue.
Ultimately we decide if, in your preferred location it is safe and/or possible for us to cook and we might decide to change location if unsuitable with our needs (E.g. Too windy to cook the paella or too crowded, too small backyard )
We can bring a marquee if necessary for larger catering for an extra $100.

We can setup and cook paellas in terraces and balconies, but we charge an extra $ 50 as the setup process is longer.

Check with us about the access and the size of the location. We need 2x3mt of space.

We don’t go to check the catering location prior the event but we are very expert in what we do and we can always find a way to make everything fit. If you are concern of have specific requirements about the setup and location we can check the location through Google Map or you can send us some photos.

It's very important for The Spanish Casa Paella Team to find the driveway  clear to allow us parking and unload the van. If the process to remove the cars from the driveway take extra time, the serving time should take extra time as well.

Do you charge travel fee?

The Spanish Casa Paella Catering Perth Team can cater in any location of Western Australia.

We do charge a fee for travelling in the country areas or places more than 30 minutes drive from Willetton.  

What do we do with the leftovers?

We will be serving the paella for maximum 1 hour once it is ready.

After that if there are any left overs, we will make some take away containers for you to keep. 

In the unlikely case of adverse weather conditions we will always try to find a way to make the event happening. Ultimately the paella can be cooked indoor if needed.

The Spanish Casa paella Catering Perth can cook everywhere !

When do I need to pay the balance?

The balance must be paid on the week before to the event, at the time to confirm final guest numbers.

If there is modification on the numbers, we will send you new invoice minus your deposit, with the total outstanding.

How can i book?

Once you give approved the quote, we will send you the invoice.

The booking deposit is 50% of the total and once the deposit is paid you are booked in.

We ask to send us the receipt of your deposit or screenshot for our records.

Without deposit is no booking, is just quote.

All deposits need to be paid within 48 hours of the receiving the invoice. If your deposit is not received, your booking is not confirmed.


If government restrictions are announced and gatherings are not allowed, you are entitled to a full refund.

Alternatively, you are also able to re-schedule and re-book. However, availability is subjected to our other prior bookings and we may not be able to cater to your first preference date.


Please contact us for more information should your event fall under these restriction periods.